I'm Dan, founder of Nine And Two Consulting. I'm a business consultant focused on helping SaaS companies establish, build, and grow successful partnership programs.


My name is Dan Eveleigh, and for over a decade, I've been responsible for creating and growing extremely successful partnership programs. For nearly seven of those years, I played a key role in establishing Shopify's partnership program from its earliest stage and growing it into one of the most thriving ecosystems of any software platform in the world. I had the privilege of building one of the main teams responsible for driving Shopify's growth.


Establishing new partner programs &   

accelerating existing partner programs

  • Engagement strategies for new partners

  • Prioritization of strategic partners

  • Partner value assessment

  • Identifying new partners / geographies

  • Relationship management best practices

  • Partner portals

  • Identifying and developing educational materials and processes

  • Team structure - roles / responsibilities / new hire criteria

  • Meetup and event strategy